Office Movers Auckland Now Offers Additional Moving Services

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Piano movers Auckland

Office Movers Auckland Now Offers Additional Moving Services

Piano movers Auckland

Piano movers blockhouse bay to Avondale Auckland

Office Movers Auckland has broadcast that they now able to offer extra piano moving services with the addition of a new truck. The company states that they are knowledgeable and skilled in moving items such as pianos, spa pools and heavy furniture items.

Mark Barber, owner of the company says, “When consumers need piano moving, a common question “How much does it cost to move a piano” this is where we can help by asking all the relevant questions we can quote the job on the spot. Some moves are extremely tight and require an experienced operator to make sure there is no damage to people or property.”

Barber states that the company has 30 years of experience in the moving industry and they have seen it all. He states that they have a fleet of trucks and all the specialised equipment that is needed to get the job done properly. He also states that staff members are comprehensively checked before they are hired to ensure that they are upright citizens who can be trusted to enter your home or work place without incident.

The Auckland owned company provides services to both residential and commercial operators, moving Aucklanders for over 30 years. Barber says that it is easy to think moving heavy items like pianos and spa pools is all about brute strength but it’s not, there is an art to working in confined and tight spaces. Because of their size and their weight, special care must be taken when moving pianos as they are prone to damage if moved by people unfamiliar with exactly what is involves. Any harsh moving practices could cause the piano to become out of tune requiring a professional piano tuner to fix it at extra cost.

Barber states that he’s proud to offer obligation free quotes for every moving job they complete, he will often do site visits ahead of bigger jobs like office moves for example .The company also has a website where those who are interested can learn more about their specific services offered and they regularly post articles about the different types of services they offer so you can research information ahead of your move and also see testimonials from satisfied customers. Those who are interested can contact Office Movers Auckland through their website or directly by email or phone, or visit them in their media room to see other news that they have released in the past regarding their new services and new service areas.

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