How Much Is A Spa Pool NZ ?

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How Much Is A Spa Pool NZ ?

Thinking Of Buying A New Spa Pool ?

 spa pool moving auckland costSo you were thinking of buying a new spa pool this winter. The research into buying one starts with asking yourself how much does a spa pool cost? Portable spa pools average somewhere between $2000 and $12,000 and spa pool moving is not always cheap either .This is dependent on a lot of things including the size, features and the extra bells and whistle‘s that come with it. . Choosing a top spa pool mover in Auckland is an easy task when you book with the professionals at “Office Movers Auckland”, we have all of the necessary tools and equipment to move your spa pool from where ever you have purchased it from, and load it into a purpose built vehicle then deliver it and locate it to your final destination if required . Even in tricky places they will be able to provide a cost-effective quote to maneuver your spa pool into place .

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Spa Pool?

The cost to run and maintaining a spa pool especially in winter may not be a cheap exercise. It can easily cost you $80 to $100 or more per month to keep a bigger model spa cycling at a temperature that is acceptable for daily use.( this is according to consumer NZ ,link to their article is here for your reference ) Even energy-efficient pumps and heating systems will still require a fair amount of energy draw to get your spa hot. So now you should see why it’s better to invest in a higher quality pools system which is designed with energy efficiency in mind. For example LED lights and smart jets to allow water pressure to be used only when you need it.

How Much Power Does A Spa Pool Use ?

Ultimately the cost of running your spa pool each month will depend on how much you use it and whether you keep the pump running all the time 24/7 to keep it up to temperature, it will also depend on the size and amount of water your spa pool holds , (models with 1000 litres of water are far cheaper to heat and maintain than 2000 litres for example). In Auckland I would estimate you might use anywhere from $10-$25 per week extra in power based on current unit cost .My own personal spa pool bill it on the higher side as I leave it on cycling all the time at 38 deg. NOTE :There are a lot of variables involved with how much a spa pool will actually cost each month so do your research, this article is designed to provide an overview only and not specific advice .How much power a spa uses does vary greatly based on a lot of different variables

How Hot Is A Spa Pool?

Ultimately the temperature you run your spa pool at will depend on how you like it but the approximate average temperature is 36 to 38°C for the average person. Most spa pools have a maximum temperature of 40°C, this is an in built safety feature designed to prevent issues with overheating. Beyond that it comes down to your own personal preference, I like the temperature around 39°C . Bear in mind kids and adolescents may find this a little bit too hot, so please accommodate them when considering the temperature you set your spa pool at.

Cost To Have Spa Pool Delivered

If you purchase a spa pool through a reputable retailer they will recommend Single Item Furniture Movers ( like us ) to collect it from them and deliver your spa pool. The cost for a basic pick up and delivery will average at around about $500 for an easy installation. However if you have obstacles and gates in a difficult access around the property this may cost as much as $1000 if for example you need a hiab to lift it over fences and gates etc , (call us for your own spa pool moving quote on 09-884 0991 )
The best option is to consult with a spa pool moving company like us, we can do a site check and provide a comprehensive free quote to get that spa pool delivered to its final place.
We can also collect and deliver one you have purchased privately or from Trademe for example. This is a very common job for us in and around all parts of Auckland, our top north shore furniture movers team will see you right.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Spa ?

Ok so now we have discussed how we can help you get your spa pool delivered to you ,what about installing it ? Well later model spa pools only need a 15 amp weather proof outdoor socket installed by your local electrician and then its as simple as plugging in the spa pool as most now come with their own plug and lead set and they also come with a built in RCD, that’s a Residual Current Device and its designed to trip the circuit off if there is the slightest difference between current flowing into the spa vs current flowing out , its a life saving device which is mandatory but once again please check with your electrician , we are in no way offering electrical safety advice in this article.  . For a quote on spa pool installation I would recommend you contact your local sparky as they will be able to provide specific knowledge about the wring regulations and requirements based on your specific installation needs. Having said that you are going to pay anywhere from $500 to $1000 for the electrical installation if you don’t have an outdoor weatherproof socket installed already. Prices will also vary from city to city across New Zealand. as you can see its not cheap but there are no short cuts  .

Does My Spa Pool Need Fencing?

The short answer is yes and according to the buildings in pools amendment act of 2017 and depending on your local counsel you will be required to have adequate fencing. You’ll also be required to have a lockable cover on your spa pool to prevent children and toddlers from accidents. This can quickly add to the cost of having a spa pool.

Are Spa Pools Energy Efficient?

Whilst many companies will highlight the efficiency and features of the product it’s going to cost you around about $50 to $100 a month and electricity to run an average size pool dependent on the model and age. Even though pumps are very efficient and the LED lighting is also used you still have a power-hungry element to heat the water. So electrical requirements need to be taken into consideration when selecting any model of spa pool.

Buy From A Reputable Seller

Buying a spa pool for the first time as a big purchase for anyone, using a bit of common sense is important and only buying from reputable companies will definitely save headaches. Without name and company name is there a mini reputable sellers that stand behind the product a quick Google search should display the best of the best

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