Office Movers Auckland Launched To Serve Auckland New Zealand Area

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Office Movers Auckland Launched To Serve Auckland New Zealand Area

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September 21, 2018 – – Office Movers Auckland has announced that they have just launched this week in order to serve the home and office moving needs across the Auckland New Zealand area. This is an Auckland owned and operated moving company and they point out that they always try to offer the lowest price possible for home and office removals.

Mike Chambers from Office Movers Auckland says, “We are proud to launch our new Office Movers Auckland service. We have quickly become one of Auckland most established office moving companies. We move small businesses and offices from old premises to new ones. Prices start at $95 per hr for a 2 ton truck with 2 men and go up to $165 per hour for 2 men and a 5 ton truck. The areas we cover include Auckland City, Franklin, Manukau City, North Shore, and Papakura. Check us out today for a free quote.”

Mike points out that they specialize in providing moving services for large items like spa pools. Experts from Office Movers Auckland are well experienced in moving commercial and private spa pools and have the appropriate equipment to get these from out of tight spots for safe moving of these large items to anywhere in the Auckland New Zealand Area.

Another kind of large item that Office Movers Auckland staff can handle is the piano. Everybody knows that pianos are bulky items and on top of that, they are fragile and can easily be damaged during transit. The team members from Office Movers Auckland have the experience in moving a piano, which is not a mean feat considering that pianos require special handling.

Of course, being experienced in home and office moving, the team from Office Movers Auckland are also trained in moving furniture. While Office Movers Auckland has just been launched, the staff have the experience in moving both commercial and private furniture and they have the necessary equipment for moving and transporting valuable furniture safely, allowing customers to have the peace of mind of knowing that the furniture they value so much will arrive at the destination undamaged.

Mike Chambers says, “We’ve specialized and have the experience in moving bulky and fragile items for many years. When you entrust the moving of your valuable property to our team, such as spa pools, pianos and furniture, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will be handling everything with care and ensuring that your valuable items will not be damaged in even the slightest way.”

Mike points out that the office moving staff from Office Movers Auckland are well aware of the importance of timeliness when moving office. They know that moving the office equipment, furniture and other important items for the running of a business should be done in a timely manner to ensure minimal disruption in the operation of the business. They also know how to take care of office equipment, especially those that will require dismantling and then reassembly at the destination.

Furthermore, the team members from Office Movers Auckland know that businesses and even homeowners may prefer moving outside of business hours so they are ready to provide their service at any time of the day and any day of the week. As such, the moving process can be custom-fitted to the needs of clients. More information about the moving services from Office Movers Auckland can be found at

Mike Chambers says, “Perhaps people may think that since we have only recently launched, we are new to the industry. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have carefully chosen our team members to ensure that they have adequate experience in handling the various items that have to be moved. Also, they are prepared to handle any kind of challenges or hurdles that will come their way when moving certain properties. We are proud of the teamwork and the skill that our staff are capable of to ensure the successful completion of moving a business or home to another location in the Auckland New Zealand area.”

Office Movers Auckland can provide a quote for any moving requirement free of charge. Their website has a contact form where potential clients can indicate the details of their home or office move. Another option is to contact them through the telephone.

Those who are interested in getting more details about the home and office moving services provided by Office Movers Auckland or who want to get a free quote can visit their company website or their Google Maps page at